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Enjoy the most beautiful spots of the costa calida (Murcia) in Spain.

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Rivemar La Azohia

(Cabo Tiñoso)

t: +34 968 150 063
e: azohia@rivemar.com

Rivemar Cabo Palos

(Islas Hormigas)

t: +34 968 563 006
e: cabopalos@rivemar.com

Who we are

The Rivemar team have extensive experience leading dives all over the world in technical diving and caves. We have been teaching beginners and advanced divers in the most efficient diving techniques since 1984.

We are no longer new, and we do not let ourselves be carried away by illusions and colored lights.
We want to do things well with the perspective of being in the dive business for more than 30 years.
We are still enthusiastic about diving, and Rivemar’s team members are active in exploration projects in the different seas and caves of the world. And that gives us the consistency and experience that we transfer to the smaller teaching programs, the knowledge and technical skills that very few have in Spain.

We comply with the strictest legal standards required of the Spanish and Regional Administration, inspections of the annual Capitanñí Marítima of our vessels and of procedures, following the SICTED Quality Control System.

All our courses are Ocean Friendly, as from the beginning (OWD) all our students learn to dive using techniques of buoyancy, trim and fins that do not raise sediment or impact on the environment.

Diving Spain: Places to Dive in the Costa Calida (Murcia) Area

Our dive centres are ideally placed for access to the Marine Reserves of Cabo Tiñoso (La Azohia) and Islas Hormigas (Cabo Palos), and also a number of Wrecks and Cave Systems. These two areas represent very different environments – the cliffs and caves of Cabo Tiñoso and the underwater pinnacles of Islas Hormigas.

Diving with Rivemar

We have the most extensive experience teaching excellent divers for over 30 years. It has been a long and hard road in which we have treasured the knowledge and experience you need in your diving training, where you will train in the most modern techniques, because we were not asleep. We have been pioneers in scuba diving in Spain and continue to be a reference for applying the latest and most modern diving trends.

Our instructors, the “yellow team” of Rivemar, are true professionals dedicated in heart and soul to the teaching of the diving in all range of specialty: recreational diving, technical, caves, Sidemount and Rebreather.

Having an in-depth knowledge of the most efficient techniques in diving, we honestly believe it to be transferred to the rest of our training programs regardless of the final certification that you get, either UTD or also SSI or PADI.

Doing it right (DIR)

DIR stands for a philosophy of diving that is based on the effectiveness, consistency, and consistency of training and diving systems.

The DIR is developed in the most demanding cave exploration environments of Florida (USA) in the late 1990s, being the most efficient and safe method for advanced exploration of hazardous environments. That involved a great effort of training, so the protocols and procedures were synthesized to create a teaching methodology that would allow the diver superior skills and techniques for the TECHNICAL DIVIDERS verified in thousands of immersions with 0 accidents.

Today we approach the DIR procedures to recreational diving from minute 1 to make it safer, regardless of which certification agency it is. Just enjoy and learn.

These are techniques, protocols and procedures designed to dive in the most demanding environments without compromising the safety of the diver. We have been diving for many years, and we are also at the forefront of training methodology, becoming the most important DIR school in Spain And the DIR / UTD professional development center in Europe.

The 10 UTD covenants

A solid foundation of training begins with consistent thinking and consistent training from the start.

  1. Unified Team Diving – The team is your backup – gas, equipment and brain.
  2. The Thinking Team – No team member relies on another person or piece of equipment to make the “sole” decisions. No “trust me” dives.
  3. Rock Bottom Gas Management – Every diver carries enough gas to bring two divers to the next available gas source, either the surface, a deco bottle, or stage bottle.
  4. Standard Gas – Dive the desired PPO2 at the target average depth and keep the equivalent narcosis depth to 100’/30m or less. NO DEEP AIR.
  5. Consistent Modular Equipment Configuration – An equipment configuration that is consistent, scalable and interchangable within the team for all types of diving and diving environments.
  6. Minimalist Approach – Only take what you need for the dive.
  7. Holistic – All components of the system are thought out, work together and have a solid reason behind their use and placement.
  8. Streamlined and Accessible Equipment Configuration – All components can be stowed, yet are convenient to access.
  9. Situational Awareness – Manage the environment, equipment and team, giving equal attention to each, never becoming fixated or inflexible. Head up, eyes open, and brain on.
  10. The Proper Training and Experience for the Dive – Have the appropriate training to ensure consistent protocols and skills for the dive and understand the potential hazards. This will ensure the correct starting point to build experience.

Our Facilities

Our diving centres in the Costa Calida area were designed by divers for divers. Here, you will find everything you want before and after your dive. Furthermore, we host a number of extra activities that you might also enjoy:

Bar – Barbeques – Music Concerts – Parties – Seminars

Enjoy our newest diving centre at Rivemar Cabo de Palos (Islas Hormigas) or the very special Rivemar La Azohia (Cabo Tiñoso).

Equipment Rental and Refills

Both of our dive centres are fully equipped to support all recreational and cave/technical diving logistics. Our compressors can handle Helium, Oxygen and Air mixtures to your requirements, and we can supply twinset and stage tanks, as well as standard 12L and 15L recreational tanks.

We also have an extensive range of dive equipment available for rental, including Divertug Scooters and Sofnolime Rebreathers (please check availability). All of our standard recreational rental equipment is APEKS, AQUALUNG and MARES.

Gallery (click to enlarge)

Price List

Here you can find some prizes for our classes & courses. For more detailed information, please feel free to contact us at any time!

Barco + carga aire / Boat trip + air refill 36€
Barco + botella aire / Boat trip + air tank 39€
Barco + carga aire + tasa RM
Boat trip + air refill + Marine Reserve fee
Barco + botella aire + tasa RM
Boat trip + air tank+ Marine Reserve fee
Barco + carga Nitrox / Boat trip + Nitrox refill 41€
Barco + botella Nitrox / Boat trip + Nitrox tank 44€
Barco + carga Nitrox + tasa RM
Boat trip + Nitrox refill + Marine Reserve fee


Bautizo de Cueva (en la Cueva del Agua)
Try Cave diving (in the Cueva del Agua)
Cave Guide
(certified Cave Divers only)
por persona / per person

Los cursos incluyen las tasas de certificación, materiales académicos online, IVA y además un bono de buceo gratis en función del tipo de curso que quieras hacer.

Bautizo de buceo desde playa ZUBA

Try dive from the coast on ZUBA


Bautizo de buceo desde playa SCUBA

Try dive from the coast (SCUBA Basic Diver)


Bautizo de buceo desde barco SCUBA

Boat try dive (Basic Diver)

Iniciación OWD (Teoría online, 3 días/6 buceos) / OWD (online academics, 3 days/6 dives) 390€

Iniciación REC1 + Nitrox (Presencial, 4 días/7 buceos)

REC1  +  Nitrox (classroom, 4 days/7 dives)

Adventure Diver (SSI / PADI), 5 buceos de experiencia / 5 experience dives on specialties 350€
Advanced Diver – Rec 2 (SSI / UTD) 470€
Master Diver Rec 3 UTD, Módulo deep Helitrox 39m, Critical skills. 390€
Especialidad Rescue Diver + SVB / Rescue diver specialty + reanimation 360€
Soporte Vital Báscio SVB / React Right specialty 145€
Especialidad Nitrox (Ean 32-40%) / Nitrox specialty 160€
Especialidad Traje Seco / Dry suit specialty 145€
Especialidad Hilo guía – Nocturna / No visibility – night diver specialty 145€
Especialidad scooter / DPV diver specialty 180€
Mini lanzamiento SMB / SMB deploy mini 145€
Mini aleteo atrás / Back kick mini 145€
Mini Nocturna / Night diver specialty 145€
Especialidad orientación / Naviagation mini specialty 145€
Especialidad Dobles - Stage / Twinset – Stage mini class 150€
Especialidad Sidemount / Sidemount mini class 250€
Especialidad Profunda / Deep Diver specialty (Helirox gas not included) 195€
Especialidad Pecios / Wreck dvier specialty 195€
Especialidad Ciencia del buceo / Science of diving specialty 199€

Buceo Técnico / Technical Courses

Los cursos con gases diferentes al aire (**) no incluyen salidas en barco y gases de fondo y deco.

SSI Foundy


SSI Xtended Range trimix (45m helitrox + Ean50 Deco)


SSI Technical Xtended Range (60m Trimix + Ean50 and O2)


SSI Trimix Xtended Range (80m Trimix + 3 Deco gas)




UTD Extreme Scuba Makeover


UTD Essentials of Recreational


UTD Essentials of Technical / Overhead


UTD Techrecreational (39m Helitrox + Deco O2)


UTD Technical Diver 1  (48m Trimix + Deco Ean50 or O2)


UTD Technical Diver 2  (60m Trimix + Deco Ean50 and O2)


UTD Technical Diver 3  (75m Trimix + 3 Deco gas)


UTD Tech Gold (130m Trimix, unlimited Deco)




Buceo en cuevas / Cave Courses

UTD Overhead Protocols / Workshop UTD


UTD Cave Diver 1 UTD  (Linea primaria hasta límite de gas / main line until gas limit)


UTD Cave Diver 2 UTD (Navegación compleja / complex navigation)


UTD Cave Diver 3 UTD (Trimix cave)


UTD Cave Gold (Multistage, ilimitado / unlimited stage diving)




SSI Cavern Diver NSS-NACD


SSI Intro to Cave NSS-NACD






  Agencia/Cert. Curso/Class
SSI Divemaster (Dive guide + SD) 200€ 500€
SSI Rec XOver 200€ 400€
SSI Assistant instructor 150€ 400€
UTD Recreational Instructor 590 US$ 1200€
UTD Foundational Instructor 590 US$ 1200€
SSI Classified Instructor -Buceo adaptado Handycapped specialty instructor 60,5€ 290€


  Agencia/Cert. Curso/Class
SSI XR Technical instructor 200€ 400€
SSI XR Trimix instructor 970€ 1200€
SSI XR Sidemount instructor 90€ 600€
UTD Technical instructor 349€ 1200€
UTD Cave Instructor 349 US$ 1200€



Alquiler de material por elemento por inmersion
Diving gear rental per piece per dive
Alquiler de material de equipo completo por inmersion
Total diving gear rental per dive
Alquiler de ordenador de buceo
Diving computer rental
Alquiler de bibotella 2x12 DIR
DIR style twinset rental
Alquiler de botella etapa-deco
Stage-deco tank rental
Alquller de scooter DPV
UW Scooter DPV rental (60m/min)



Carga de aire comprimido / Air refill (EN12021) 10/12L 10€
Carga de Oxigeno 100% / Oxygen refill 0,01€/L
Carga de Helio / Helium refill 0,04€/L
Top-up Air +5€

Nuestros dos centros están totalmente equipados para buceos tanto recreativos, técnicos y de cuevas. Disponemos de bibotellas, etapas, y botellas de acero de 12l y 15l, además te proporcionaremos las mezclas de gases que necesites (aire, oxígeno y helio). Contamos también con Scooters de alquiler (Divertug) y Sofnolime (Cal) para rebreathers (previo aviso).

Nuestro equipo de alquiler es de MARES en Cabo de Palos y de APEKS & AQUALUNG en La Azohía.

Please remember to bring your documentation: diving certification, diving insurance and your passport (or Spanish NIE number if you have one)

In case you cancel your dive less than 48h before the scheduled time, you will be charged 10€ per person plus the fee of 5€ for the marine reserve.

What else?

Enjoy life, fill the senses of the soul with the scents of sea, sun shine, and taste of salt.

A summary of our diving experience at Rivemar La Azohía thanks to the nautical activities of the STAND UP PADDLE and the KAYAK in a bay blessed by the best sunset on the Costa Cálida and the spectacular nature of the Marine Reserves.


There is plenty of inexpensive accommodation available within walking distance of both Dive Centres, and if you need help with arrangements, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

How to Find Our Diving Centres in Costa Calida (Murcia Region, Spain)

Our Diving Centre in La Azohia, Cartagena, serves the Cabo Tiñoso Marine Reserve, along with Cueva del Agua and many other Cave Diving sites in the region. The Cabo Palos Diving Centre, near to the Mar Menor, serves the Islas Hormigas Marine reserve and many of the Wreck Diving sites in the area.

Both centres can be easily reached from the Murcia San Javier airport (MJV), which is served by many budget airlines across Europe. Excellent car hire facilities are available at the airport, and it takes about 30 minutes to drive from there to Cabo Palos, or 50 minutes to La Azohia.

Rivemar La Azohia

(Cabo Tiñoso)

Ctra. a la Azohia 151
30868 – Cartagena

GPS: N37.561997 – W1.167297

Tel: +34 968 150 063

e: azohia@rivemar.com

Rivemar Cabo Palos

(Islas Hormigas)

c/Paseo del Puerto 2
30370 – Cartagena

GPS: N37.630649 – W0.701795

Tel: +34 968 563 006

e: cabopalos@rivemar.com

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