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Diving in Costa Calida (Murcia)

Our dive centres are ideally placed for access to the Marine Reserves of Cabo Tiñoso and Islas de Hormigas, and also a number of Wrecks and Cave Systems

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Our Facilities

Find out more about our dive centres, boats, rental equipment and other facilities

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How to Find Us

Our Dive Centres are easy to reach from either San Javier or Alicante airports

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Contact Us:

Diving Centre - La Azohia

t: +34 968 150 063

Diving Centre - Cabo Palos

t: +34 968 563 006

Rivemar in 2 Minutes

The best way to find out about Rivemar is to visit one of our Dive Centres, meet our team, and experience for yourself.

In case you can’t do that right now, we made a short video so you can get an idea of what you are missing!

Places to Dive in the Costa Calida (Murcia) Area

Our dive centres are ideally placed for access to the Marine Reserves of Cabo Tiñoso (La Azohia) and Islas Hormigas (Cabo Palos), and also a number of Wrecks and Cave Systems. These two areas represent very different environments – the cliffs and caves of Cabo Tiñoso and the underwater pinnacles of Islas Hormigas.

Marine Reserves

Costa Calida is home to the Marine Reserves of Cabo Tiñoso and Islas Hormigas. These Marine Reserves offer ideal conditions for recreational diving for divers of all levels.

Costa Calida is the only coastal region in Spain that contains two Marine Reserves. The Marine Reserves are protected areas, containing 90% of species found in the mediterranean. These Marine Reserves represent two of the most important areas of biodiversity in the whole of the Spanish Coastline.

Wreck Diving Sites

There are a number of wreck sites across the Costa Calida, at various depths, with wrecks of various sizes and conditions. Most of the shipwrecks in this area are from the First World War, but have been preserved in excellent condition. The wrecks situated within the Islas Hormigas Marine Reserve also benefit from a wide range of biodiversity because of the protected status of the area.

9 of the wrecks in the Islas Hormigas Marine Reserve lay at depths ranging from 36m to 60m, .6 further wrecks lay at depths between 80m and 120m.

This wide range of dive sites within a marine reserve makes the area a dream destination for Technical Divers and Wreck Explorers.

Cave Systems

The Cueva del Agua cave (La Azohia) is the most famous cave in the area, and is one of a number cave systems in the Costa Calida region. This cave is a dream destination for experienced cave divers, providing over 3,000m of lines with a water temperature of 30 degrees throughout the year. This makes Cueva del Agua unique within Europe.

The cave systems range in size and difficulty, and include both inland and coastal caves.

Our Facilities

Our diving centres in the Costa Calida area were signed by divers for divers, where you will find all of the comforts for both before and after your dive. In addition, we host a number of extra activities that you might also enjoy:

Bar – Barbeques – Music Concerts – Parties – Seminars

Enjoy our newest diving centre at Rivemar Cabo de Palos (Islas Hormigas), or the very special Rivemar La Azohia (Cabo Tiñoso). Both are official Aqualung Partner Centres.

Equipment Rental and Refills

Both of our dive centres are fully equipped to support all recreational and cave/technical diving logistics. Our compressors can handle Helium, Oxygen and Air mixtures to your requirements, and we can supply twinset and stage tanks, as well as standard 12L and 15L recreational tanks.

We also have an extensive range of dive equipment available for rental, including Divertug Scooters and Sofnolime Rebreathers (please check availability). All of our standard recreational rental equipment is by APEKS and AQUALUNG.

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How to Find Our Diving Centres in Costa Calida (Murcia Region, Spain)

Our Diving Centre in La Azohia, Cartagena, serves the Cabo Tiñoso Marine Reserve, along with Cueva del Agua and many other Cave Diving sites in the region. The Cabo Palos Diving Centre, near to the Mar Menor, serves the Islas Hormigas Marine reserve and many of the Wreck Diving sites in the area.

Both centres can be easily reached from the Murcia San Javier airport (MJV), which is served by many budget airlines across Europe. Excellent car hire facilities are available at the airport, and it takes about 30 minutes to drive from there to Cabo Palos, or 50 minutes to La Azohia.

Rivemar La Azohia

(Cabo Tiñoso)

Ctra. a la Azohia 151
30868 – Cartagena

GPS: N37.561997 – W1.167297

Tel: +34 968 150 063


Rivemar Cabo Palos

(Islas Hormigas)

c/Paseo del Puerto 2
30370 – Cartagena

GPS: N37.630649 – W0.701795

Tel: +34 968 563 006



There is plenty of inexpensive accommodation available within walking distance of both Dive Centres, and if you need help with arrangements, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Who Are We?

The Rivemar team have extensive experience leading dives all over the world in technical diving and caves. We have been teaching beginners and advanced divers in the most efficient diving techniques since 1984.

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